Sarkantyúfű – Delphinium – Highlander™ Rainbow Sensation®

Sarkantyúfű különlegesség, telt, több árnyalatú rozettákkal.
Csak 80-100 cm-re nő ezért dézsában is nevelhető.
Napon is félárnyékban is szeret lenni, csak arra ügyeljünk, a csigáktól óvjuk kibújáskor és nyáron se hagyjuk kiszáradni.
Vágott virágnak is tökéletes.

4 390 Ft



Biztonságos bankkártyás fizetés
Ingyenes szállítás 35 000 Ft rendelés felett
This is a rare opportunity to grow one the most unusual—and delightful—of modern delphiniums. Delphinium ‘Rainbow Sensation’ has flowers that are fully double and pink-lilac, but with a creamy yellow centre. When the flowers are just open, there are blue tints on the outer petals. The whole effect is of a muted rainbow—hence its name!
The flower rosettes are produced during summer, and held high, on strong stems. Well, we say high, but actually being one of the Highlander™ series of delphiniums, this is shorter than most, with stems just 80-100cm or so high, meaning that it is suitable for growing in a container, as well as the border.
The Highlander™ delphiniums, bred in Scotland, are tough and hardy, and very well suited to the British climate. Able to grow well in full sun or part shade, Delphinium elatum ‘Highlander Rainbow Sensation®’ will be best in a sunny spot, but make sure the soil does not dry out in summer. Oh, and did we say, its flowers are excellent for cutting, too, lasting well in a vase indoors!

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